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Hi, I am an interior designer with great interest and skills for the execution of each of the challenges and projects that are presented. My priority is to put order and beauty in everything I touch, with that touch of originality that each of my clients deserve.

I have experience in designing commercial premises, housing, furniture and spaces for public use; with the intention of re-functionalising and improving them, for the needs of the principal.
Design, harmony and attention to detail are accents that should not be missing in each case. Extensive experience in customer service, problem solving and successful execution of sales in commercial premises.
Creativity, professionalism and kindness describe me as a person and professional.

They say that with reason you live but with passion you succeed; not in vain have I obtained 2 university degrees in different countries, with the intention of improving every day and being able to offer my clients better attention and good design proposals.

Vanessa Lopez T.


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